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Setting Up Internet Dialup Networking on Windows 2000

Configuring Windows 2000 Dial-up


Setting up the Dial-up in Windows2000 is very straight forward.  You should already have everything necessary to "dial-up"installed.


Setting up your dial-up

  1. Click on Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections.

  2. Make new connection.

  3. "Welcome to the Network Connection Wizard", click next.

  4. Put a check in "dial-up to the internet", click next.

  5. Put a check in " I want to set up my internet manually", click next.

  6. Put a check in "I connect through a phone line and modem", click next.

  7. Enter '03' in the area code field.  Enter the telephone number in the telephone number field, then click the Advanced button.

  8. Under connection type put a check under "PPP (Point to Point Protocol".  Under Logon Procedure check none.  Click the address tab.

  9. Under IP addresses check 'internet service provider automatically provides one'

  10. Under DNS server address check always use the following. 
    Primary DNS server is 
    Secondary DNS server is
    Click Ok, then click next.

  11. Enter your Username/Password, click next. 

  12. Name your connection (example "Cosmos").

  13. Under "do you want to set up and internet mail account now?" put a check under "No".  Click next, then click finish.

You're Finished! 

Note: For advanced configurations such as "Internet Connection Sharing" please refer to your windows 2000 onscreen help files.