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Cosmos and Mikka Internet Dialup (manual)


  1. Double click My Computer

  2. Double click Dial Up Networking

  3. Double click "Make New Connection"

  4. Select a name for the connection icon we'll make (it's called a connectoid). Make sure the modem is in the modem window.
    Click on "Configure"

  5. Click on the "Options" tab. make sure the "Display Modem Status" is ticked and the screen should
    look like the picture below.
    Click on "OK".
    Keep hitting Next and Finish to finish our connectoid.

  6. RIGHT click on the new Connectoid and choose properties

  7. Click the "General" Button
    Enter the area code and phone number in the right slots.
    Melbourne :
    See Phone Numbers

  8. Click on the "Server Types button"
    Make sure the type of Dial Up Server is: PPP:Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet.
    Uncheck the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX boxes (This'll help speed up the connection)

  9. Click on the TCP-IP settings button

  10. Enter the numbers on the TCP-IP settings sheet so that it looks like the following picture:
    PRI DNS = 203.
    SEC DNS = 203.

    Click on OK until you get back to the dial up adapter window.

  11. We're ready to go now!

    Double click on the Mikka Internet connectoid. Click on "Connect".
    The modem will dial and you'll hear a screeching noise as the modems start talking to each other.