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Cosmos Internet Services does it's best to keep records of all users as up to date as possible. However, when addresses and phone numbers change, we would appreciate you letting us know of any change so we can contact you.

Recently changes in the banking industry have introduced a new charge for credit cards which are rejected or incorrectly given. National bank (our bank of choice?) is now charging us $30.00 whenever a credit card number is wrong or a credit card statement is rejected.

If it is our fault that the credit card is typed in incorrectly then we have no problem absorbing the cost as our fault. However, should the error prove to be yours, the charge will be $35.00, ($30 to the bank, $5 for the merchant handling fee that we get on resubmission of your credit card)  

Remember, this $35.00 is not coming to Cosmos, it is going to the bank. 

It is a good habit to check your credit card statements regularly, please make sure that if you have been incorrectly charged, talk to us first as we do make mistakes but more often then not, the charges are easily explainable and in this way, the bank does not get their $35.00.

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