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Now that you have your web site designed, there is an easy way to FTP your site to our web servers.

Six step process:

Step 1: Get an FTP package. Generally speaking we avoid using the publishing tools that come with a web publishing package as they are difficult to work for the novice or even medium user. Also, you tend not to get too much information on what is actually happening.

Also there are so many publishing tools around, it would take years to write down how to use every different one here. If you want to use a Publisher to ftp your site up, please consult it's help pages. 
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Therefore get a decent ftp client (from our software repository WS_FTP) 

Step 2: You will need to publish your site to your 'local' hard disk somewhere but remember the location. It may be a good time to 'view' your site off your local hard disk to make sure the links work and the pages appear as they should.

Step 3:  Launch the FTP client. Typically the interface is like a file manager, left hand side is the contents of your hard disk, right hand side will be the contents of the servers hard disk.

Step 4: Log into the server


Step 5: Directory structures

For home users (those people without '').  You will see the following 


You will want to store your files in the 'public_html' directory as the web server references this directory as the root directory for your web site.

For Corporate users (those people with '').  You will see the following


Just put your files directly into this area, no need to change directories. In the past some of you may have had to use a directory like '/usr/spool/web/name', the server has been changed so just delete the directory entry or use '/'.

Now just copy your files off your hard disk to the server and try using your browser

Step 6: Looking at your site

Companies: ''

Home users: ''


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