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To Dial into Mikka International or Cosmos Internet Services you can use one of the methods below.

ALL users   0198 333 866

Note: By default all servers are set to accept calls at ISDN, DOV or 56K rates. For 56K users, If you are experiencing problems connecting due to poor line quality or modem setup problems, try connecting at 33.6K on one of the numbers above. The terminal servers are set to recognize the number you dial and therefore set the connect rate at 56K. This is especially useful where you need to connect to get modem drivers or firmware updates in order to activate the V90 (56K) side of the modem. 

If you are still experiencing any dialup problems, why not shoot us an email or call. But please note the details below and consult with our support pages as there is a lot of simple troubleshooting there,

Please provide the following information when contacting Inside Sales
  • Your name and contact information
  • Where there is a problem we may need your address
  • The equipment you currently have )PC/MAC, OS, Modem)
  • Your current service agreement number, if you have one

We look forward to serving you via C&M Customer Support and through our Technical Assistance Centers.  


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