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Cosmos Internet Services has a wide range of Unix backup solutions using RAID technology already present of Unix versions 6.2 and up of RedHat (our operating system of Choice).

The backup is in real time (in the background) and a 30 Gig hard disk will take approx 3 hours. Then once the backup is complete, the mirroring kicks in and both hard disks contain an exact (bootable) copy of each other. 

Of all the raid technologies, the most implemented and easy to use is Raid 1: Mirroring. Essentially one hard disk is totally copied to the other (same size or larger) Hard disk byte for byte. Therefore using 2 hard disks, you have an exact mirror of the primary hard disk. 

Advantage: quick and efficient.
Disadvantage: you lose the available space on one hard disk. Since one hard disk is used to copy the other, you will lose the available space on that second hard disk.

With the inclusion of a third hard disk, this forms the basis of a backup solution where you can cycle the hard disks through the system always keeping one hard disk separate from the unit.

The effect is that should a power outage or head-crash cause the hard disk to fail, it will automatically boot up from the other drive. Obviously at this point the companies IT disaster recovery plan should be put into place but should both hard disks crash, you have a spare (separate from the unit) to insert and boot the system from. Depending on your backup schedule, the interruption is very minimal.

Typically the system is down for around the time it takes to completely re-boot that particular machine. So your users will notice a 3-5min outage of internet/mail connectivity (assuming both systems are on the same server).

The backup is done in background therefore your users will not notice a thing. Benchmark for 30 GIG hard disk is approximately 3 hrs for full backup.

This option comes standard with Cosmos built Internet/Mail Servers, click here for more information.

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