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Mikka International
  (trading as) Cosmos Internet Services
ABN: 97 075 155 225
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  • ADSL port, 4 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet switched ports
  • Supports both 8Mbps G.dmt and 1.5Mbps G.lite flavors of ADSL
  • Automatic sensing and configuring for the above two ADSL flavors
  • Bridged Ethernet over ATM, IP over ATM, PPP over ATM
  • Embedded PPP over Ethernet
  • Precise ATM traffic shaping
  • VPN for data protection over Internet*
  • IP packet routing/filtering
  • Routing protocol supports RIP-1, RIP-2, Static Routing
  • NAT, DHCP client/server support
  • PAP/CHAP authentication, administrative passwords through Telnet
  • Built-in MIBs for SNMP management
  • Upgradable flash EPROM firmware
  • Web-based GUI for easy installation and setup
* VPN pass-through only



Dynalink ALE070 USB Modem

  • GlobeSpan
ADSL Interface
  • USB Port Complies with Universal Serial Bus Specifications Revision 1.1
  • Hot Plug-in and Hot Plug-off
  • Plug & play
  • Automatic rate adoption in increments of 32 kbps

Operating System Support

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98se
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
Warranty And Technical Support
  • One Year Warranty
  • Life-time technical support


DYNALINK RTA110 and RTA220 (pictured) and RTA300 (pictured left)


  • UPnP IGD (Internet Gateway Device) with NAT traversal capability support.
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) / PAT (Port Address Translation) allow multiple users on the LAN to access the internet for the cost of only one IP address.
  • Built in ALGs (Application Level Gateways) such as NetMeeting, FTP, Quick Time, mIRC, Real Player, CuSeeMe.
  • Multiple Virtual Servers (eg., Web, FTP, Mail servers) can be setup on user's local network.
  • VPN passthrough for PPTP and IPSec ESP tunnel mode.
  • Static routing RFC1058 RIPv1 and RFC1723 RIPv2.
  • DNS Relay and DNS Server.
  • ARP Proxy.


  • PAP (RFC1334), CHAP (RFC1994) for PPP session.
  • Stateful inspection firewall support IP packets filtering based on source/destination IP address, port number and protocol type.
  • Intrusion detection provides protection from attacks such as SYN/FIN/RST Flood, Smurf, WinNuke, Echo Scan, Xmas Tree Scan.
  • DMZ support.


  • User-friendly embedded web configuration interface with password protection.
  • Remote management access control.
  • Telnet session for local or remote management.
  • HTTP firmware upgrades via web browser GUI directly.
  • Configuration settings can be saved to disk or restored from disk.
  • Recovery image back up. Should the normal runtime image become damaged, the system uses the stored recovery image to boot up.
  • Distribute IP addresses to end users via DHCP server provided by ADSL router.
  • SNMPv1/v2 agent with MIB-II, PPP MIB, ADSL Line MIB.

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