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Cosmos Internet Services offers a range of flexible and cost effective connect rates for  business users. 

For Business Customers

Unlimited Access

These rates apply to business users only.

Once off $440 connection fee applies to all new unlimited accounts.


512/128K 1.5M/256K
Monthly $440.00 Monthly $770.00
$440 setup fee (once off) applies to all packages
NO Download Charges
5 email addresses
10 Megabyte of Hard disk Space
Rates include 10% GST
Static IP Address
Includes Web site hosting (

See below for conditions of use. 

Monthly Access - Usage Based: Our cheapest way to access the internet

Once off $440 connection fee applies to all new Monthly accounts.

Typically users who will download small amounts a month should look at this rate.

256/64K 512/128K 1.5M/256K
Monthly $155.00 Monthly $220.00 Monthly $365.00
500Meg free 1000Meg free 1500Meg free
10 cents ($0.10) per meg charged
$440 setup fee (once off) applies to all packages
5 email addresses
10 Megabyte of Hard disk Space
Rates include 10% GST
Static IP Address
Includes Web site hosting (

(*) 10 cents ($0.10) per meg (or part thereof) charged after free allowance is used for the month. unused meg will not be transferred to the next month.

For example if you were on 256/64K plan and downloaded 1000meg in one month, the charge would be:

Charge: $155 + (1000-500 free)x0.1 = $205.00 for that month.

See below for additional conditions of use

Permanent (Static) IP.

Typically, Static IP is required for companies who run their own Web or Mail Servers. Static IP allows a company to get the same IP address every time so their mail will always be delivered to the correct address (as pointed out in the DNS tables).  

Cosmos Internet recognizes the importance of fast, reliable connections to business for whom time is money. Static IP connections are available through a PSTN modem, ISDN or the increasingly popular and cost-effective, higher bandwidth of DSL.

For higher Speeds (and Symmetric DSL), please contact us.



  • All our rates include GST. To see more about our position on GST click here
  • Price does do not include telecommunications (cost of phone line)  charges.
  • Individual e-mail messages are not limited in size. Each mailbox is 10MB in size.
  • All accounts are billed in advance and at the start of each month. For usage based, usage charges will be billed in-arrears.
  • Unused Monthly free download allowance is not carried over to the next month.
  • excess usage fees are charged at $0.10 per meg or part thereof 
  • Note restrictions on how you use your connection does apply see acceptable usage policy
  • Although turnaround time is 20 days from application, in most cases DSL is activated around 10-12 days after application. 
  • Setup fee does NOT include DSL router 
  • Network setup is a fee based service, For the most part, users should be able to set up their DSL modem quickly and simply. Cosmos do offer some telephone and document support for the most used DSL modems/routers. Where the installation is more complex or you are unsure of how to install, a Cosmos employee or affiliate can come onsite where a small callout fee will be charged depending on length of time or complexity of the remedy. Our credo is to make sure everyone can use our internet services with a minimum of fuss and knowledge.
  • An upgrade fee of $66 is chargeable to upgrade speed between packages
  • Disconnection: If user terminates within 6 months after installation, a disconnection fee of $88 applies. 
  • DSL Terms and Conditions
  • Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services reserve the right to change pricing policy at any time without notice.
  • Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services reserves the right to terminate or suspend this Agreement if your activities (in Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services judgment) unreasonably restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other Customer's use of the Services, or represent an unusually large burden on Cosmos and Mikka Internet Services.
  • Cosmos DSL Service schedule

These rates are effective as of 1st April 2003.
Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

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