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ABN: 97 075 155 225
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To contact Mikka International or Cosmos Internet Services you
can use one of the methods below.

ABN Details   97 075 155 225

By Phone:
Call us:   1800 350 311
Fax:   (03) 9650 4022
Support Desk:   (03) 9380 8939
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Cosmos Internet Services
P.O.Box 629,
Carlton South, Melbourne, 3053

Please provide the following information when contacting Inside Sales
  • Your name and contact information
  • Where there is a problem we may need your address
  • The equipment you currently have )PC/MAC, OS, Modem)
  • Your current service agreement number, if you have one

We look forward to serving you via C&M Customer Support and through our Technical Assistance Centers.  


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